Friday, October 11, 2013

BTS of my First Short #3

I can almost feel criticism seeping out of fellow moviegoers when returning from a trip to the theater. People often have terrible things to say about movies that may have been fairly good. What causes people to hurl insults so freely? I think a part of it is that they don’t see everything that goes into a film.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s long or short, the length of any film pales in comparison to the time spent making it. Unless it’s a Vine, but I really don’t think that those count as “films” ...

The storyboards for Beckoning took about an hour to make, and the DIY camera gear was built over a period of two days. That’s already 2 days and 1 hour. Then there was the shooting. I found out just how important actor morale was, because my little sister (the main character) quickly lost interest in the project and just wanted to see the end result. That made getting good shots somewhat difficult at times.

After being spread out over two days, the shooting was finished. Thankfully, the final video was only about two minutes long, so there wasn’t a great deal of footage to shoot. That’s 4 days and 1 hour so far. Once all the footage was shot, it was time for post – production.

That’s a whole other beast in itself. Post – production finalizes the pacing, color, and sound of the film. In general, this is the most tedious part of filmmaking, because post – production determines the final product. Whatever comes out of post is what viewers will be watching. I spent about four hours on post – production, including the creation of custom sounds.

Thus, all in all, my little 2 – minute video was created over about four days and five hours. It’s no wonder blockbusters take years as well as hundreds of people to create!

I hope that this gave you some perspective on the time commitment required of filmmakers. I’ll certainly be busy in my future career, but I know it’ll be worth it!

The final video will be posted on Monday! Cheers!

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